Thursday, December 13, 2007

Toy Group Dog

be dog group that have small-sized and have something , cheerfulness , make at misled flow of an owner , a dog in many this breed group s stick many owner , be group dog that have barking excellent , if , you never to hear sound dog sound barks when , angry , breed wah dog that , , be good example , a dog in this group is popular feed very in city social , there is the area limits , such as , an uncle takes the spell , carry , because , want the a little area in feeding , ( , breed tiny dog will may can meet in every almost the group , not only very stay in the group throws only , advise that , when , you will think to feed breed tiny some dog think to consider carefully a little , when , you have will the readiness to will take care him , can do , if , have no reason other , unless , think only that , it has had small-sized already , feeding dog tiny still help to decrease other problem , again , such as , making house dirty , expenses in a few care , ( , except extravagant ) , and breed tiny dog is a dog that can control easy more than breed big dog , convenient for lady ) , the standard of the breed is the thing that shows to arrive at the detail of the breed in the ideal , handle dog have that , straight standardized every points breed can meet difficult , the detail in each this breed is in line with breed standard of congregate person feed a dog of The United States of America.

  • Affenpinscher

  • Brussels Griffon

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Chihuahua

  • Chinese Crested

  • English Toy Spaniel

  • Havanese

  • Italian Greyhound

  • Japanese Chin

  • Maltese

  • Manchester Terrier

  • Miniature Pinscher

  • Papillon

  • Pekingese

  • Pomeranian

  • Poodle

  • Pug

  • Shih Tzu

  • Silky Terrier

  • Yorkshire Terrier
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